Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Slow Down!

By now, most of you have probably read the news accounts or watched the video of the horrific train derailment in Spain on July 24, 2013.  Seventy nine people were killed and dozens of others were injured as the passenger train jumped the tracks as it rounded a curve.  The investigation continues but it is apparent that the train was travelling too fast to safely negotiate the curve.  Information recovered from the train’s “black box” data recorder backs up theory of excessive speed.  The train was equipped with an automatic warning system to alert the operator when train speed was too high.  Three such warnings were given before the crash occurred. “Police forensic tests on the train's black box data recorders showed the last warning came just 250 meters before a dangerous curve where the accident occurred...At that point, the train was going 121 mph when the speed limit was set at 50 mph.  Four seconds later the driver applied emergency brakes.  By the time Francisco Jose Garzon Amo applied the brakes, the train was already beginning to lose contact with the rails, the statement said. The total derailment occurred at 111 mph.  Garzon has admitted in court that he was traveling too fast but could not explain to an investigating judge why he didn*t slow down earlier” (Harold Heckle, Associated Press).
Our lives can look like this trainwreck if we are not careful. Commitments, deadlines, and responsibilities can begin to accumulate and we find ourselves speeding along at breakneck speed.  That speed can often be managed when the tracks of life are straight but serious problems arise when we encounter life’s curves.  The spiritual and physical warning alarms of excessive speed begin to beep or flash but, too often, we ignore them.  And, before we know it, we experience a derailment and the resulting crash.
Is it time to slow down a bit?  Don’t ignore the warning signs.  With God’s help, we can safely negotiate any curve in life.  Often, we just need to reduce our speed long enough to listen.

God loves you!